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Hire a carpenter!

I’ve been working on finishing the room above my garage for a while now. It really is coming along, but the process has been slow. I have to stop and think about nearly everything that I need to do and that takes time. I like the idea that I haven’t had much help with this one. I spend a lot of time behind a keyboard and I think that this adds some weight to my man-card. That said, I did have a TON of help pondering where to put things and what walls to build where, from a friend who is a fantastic carpenter. He was probably cringing every time I called, but he talked to me anyhow. After a while I conceded and paid him to come and frame the closet and the bathroom. I had the insulation up and was ready for that step for…a while so he was helping me keep the project going. After that, I got the wiring done. That took a while because I had to decide where the lug was going to be located, and if I was going to add this sub panel then I may as well move some stuff around so that there’s some logical sense to what panel to go to when you trip a breaker. Then I hired somebody to do the drywall because, you can’t really fudge that. I look at the drywall in my basement office often enough that I KNOW that I can’t finish drywall well. Then my wife and I started the process of picking color and painting. That took us a long time. After that, I bought wood flooring. I had to borrow a truck to go get it and a floor nailer to put it down. Then I needed to buy a finish nailer.

For every one of those steps about two days of work was involved because of the overhead involved in making decisions, discussing with the wife, etc.  I was about 3/4 of the way through getting the floor laid when I came to the doors and I was finding conflicting answers online about what to do at those thresholds. So I called on another carpenter friend and he came out to help me. Well basically he had me lay out boards and we got the rest of the floor done at about 6 times the pace that I was going. He hung the doors for me, told me where to order the moulding and was generally a huge help. Since then, I’ve gotten the casings stained and up and the baseboard is delivered. I have one door stained and polyurethaned but have another to go. I feel like I should be able to finish this in a few weeks, but I think that, for the next room, I’m going to call one of my two carpenter friends and see if they can just do it. I may have to promise to stay out of the way.


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