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My experience with Google’s Chromecast

When the Chromecast was released I pretty immediately ordered one. In my case it was not technology that was filling a need, it was something new that was in a price range that didn’t get me in trouble or even need a discussion with my wife. In general, I like the idea of it but I do have a few problems.

  1.  It’s not as portable as I had hoped. There is a power cable that gets attached to it. That’s not a big deal unless you had some vision of using it as a connector on the go, to take your media with you.
  2. It has no way to control it outside of a browser. As a stationary media player, like Roku, it comes up short. Don’t get me wrong, I love using the thing from my Windows tablet, and I’d like to think that I could get an android tablet and just use it as a universal remote, but it isn’t really universal, is it. It can’t turn on the TV or turn up the volume.

On the positive side, The thing fits a niche really well as a Netflix player for a monitor in my office, because I have a browser right in front of me. Also, when I got a new TV and retired the old one to the bedroom, I had some problems with old connectors not being available for the hardware in each room that I rotated displays into. The Chromecast has served as an interim solution, but it is not standing up to spousal scrutiny. I was aware that it wouldn’t but it just underscore’s the reasons that something else would have worked out better. 

It comes down to the device being really neat but it is not portable enough to take with you everywhere and it is to trim on accessories to be a home entertainment replacement. 



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